10 methods of entrepreneurs to relieve pressure

modern society survival pressure, the need for the fierce competition of the entrepreneurs, the pressure is as relentless, seriously affect the physical and mental health. In the face of setbacks and pressures, entrepreneurs should learn to self-regulation.

1. only one thing at a time. For example, now the job is to report the good, other things are left behind, do not think. Because women love to think more about everything, such as the way she thinks about her job, her weight, the health of every family member, etc.. So women tend to be more anxious than men, and more often. So more attention is needed.

2. take a little time to relax every day. In the work space, you can spend 20 minutes to relax, just take a walk and take no account of your work, just focus on everything around you, like what you see, hear what, what feel, smell what the smell and so on.

3. say or write your concerns. Keep a journal, or talk to a friend, at least you won’t feel lonely and helpless.

4. no matter how busy you are, must take exercise. The researchers found that after 30 minutes of treadmill exercise, the stress level of the subjects decreased by 25%. on the gym, brisk walking for about 30 minutes, or stretching exercises while getting up.

5. enjoy massage fun. It’s not just a traditional body massage, but also a foot massage, manicure, or beauty.

6. slow down the speed of speaking. May every day of your table is full to see the file, your right hand in hand still needs to answer the phone, read data. You have to deal with all kinds of people, said a variety of words. Then you have to remember to stay optimistic and slow down.

7. don’t be too serious. May wish to say a small joke with friends, we laugh, the atmosphere is active, he also relaxed. In fact, laughter can not only reduce tension, but also enhance the body’s immune function.

8. don’t let the negative voice surround yourself. The boss may say that you can’t do that, in fact, he has a lot of advantages, but the boss did not find it.

9. let yourself relax a day. Read a novel, sing, drink a cup of tea, or simply what is not dry, sitting in the window in a daze. At this point, the key is your heart, a kind of quiet, a kind of relaxation.

10. remember at least one good thing that happened today. No matter how hard you are today, how unhappy you are, you should go back home and share a good thing with your family today.

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