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of adolescent breast pain, do not have to worry about

experts advise, before the breast pain can not be ignored, there may be breast hyperplasia disease. The degree of pain of breast hyperplasia changes with the menstrual cycle. Other also showed that there was a breast mass, the size of the tumor will also change with the menstrual cycle.

"every time on the menstrual swelling uncomfortable, hard hair, and a touch of pain." 24 year old Xiao Xiagang as a teacher, ran to the hospital. Qingdao breast disease hospital expert Professor Tian Zhe carefully check and tell her: "your symptoms belong to premenstrual breast pain, do not have to worry about, in fact, about half of the women have this symptom."

premenstrual breast pain, there may be a proliferation of

encounter this kind of situation, can use hot compress or massage to solve, generally do not need treatment." However, during this period should be particularly cautious, once found breast fibroids, must be immediately removed. Experts said: there are a lot of patients there is a misunderstanding that the symptoms can not be detected during pregnancy, fear of affecting the child’s stomach.

before and after puberty and menstruation breast pain, is also an important period of pregnancy after breast pain. However, Tian zhe expert said: "after entering the pregnancy of women, the breast will change this is a normal physiological response. About 40 days of pregnancy, breast increases gradually, and the emergence of breast pain. This pain usually lasts for 3 to 4 months, a key can be sustained throughout pregnancy, of course, some people will feel the pain obviously.

often, and so on to give the tumor growth opportunities. Therefore, once a breast tumor is found, it shall

it is understood that a number of 20 – to 30 year old women, every time before menstruation, breast pain. Mild breast pain, stiff, tenderness, or by a slight vibration (such as running) or collision is unbearable pain.

In addition to

during pregnancy, postpartum, abortion, breast pain, found to be removed immediately

but experts also warned that if this stage of breast lumps in women, it may be breast fibroma, need to go to hospital for treatment.

learned from the hospital for breast disease, more than 85% of women in their lives will have the experience of breast pain, and the pain of different stages of the hidden problems are not the same. Puberty, menstrual period, pregnancy and childbirth, look at these symptoms do you have?

the doctor examined the chest after Liu smiled and said: "this is the adolescent breast pain, breast is mature signs, not disease, do not need treatment, generally to menarche will disappear, don’t worry too much about."

just blew out 11 candles Liu for months, always feel a slight pain, the little girl quietly told the mother. "How can such a small child still hurt?" mother was very nervous, hurried to take the child to the hospital for breast disease hung an expert.

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