Waterborne coatings in the domestic market there is a huge space for development

we know that the huge market demand for paint is a very profitable industry. However, in the past ten years, the domestic market of water paint has been tepid, the development of the road slightly long, water paint and foreign big gap, especially in the field of architectural coatings and waterborne coatings is more obvious, there is a huge space for development in the domestic market.

for the reasons for this situation, in fact this is not the consumption capacity, but consumers’ understanding of the paint is not enough. At present, some are true for having heard it many times, the national brand or regional brands are not really into the minds of consumers, and there is a certain gap between the low-end and high-end consumer products, affecting the promotion of water-based paint.

although water-based paint is not domestic and low carbon equate, but as consumers of their own health, along with the influence of the external climate, consumption habits and other factors, waterborne coatings for environmental of the share has more than 60% in Japan, Europe and the United States market, and this ratio is significantly lower in china. Insiders said that the next five years, the proportion of water-based coatings in the Chinese market or can reach up to 20%.

in water-based paint in the process of development, energy saving and environmental protection policies for promoting the development of waterborne coatings, the government needs to further supply. The proportion of such as increase water paint in the city infrastructure construction and government procurement in use, allow enterprises to get real benefits in the market; transfer positive energy, promote energy conservation and environmental protection, promotion of waterborne coatings, the government vigorously promote energy-saving environmental protection publicity at the same time, the industry of energy saving and environmental protection water-based paint piggybacking on propaganda.

The development of

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