You have to know how to discover entrepreneurial opportunities five

a lot of times, we need to start the business opportunities for entrepreneurs is very important. However, when the opportunity is placed in front of us, we need to look for, find entrepreneurial opportunities, in order to have greater success in the future.

1, problem entrepreneurship

The fundamental purpose of entrepreneurship

2, change entrepreneurship

change jobs are produced in the changing market environment, environment changes, market demand, market structure will inevitably change. The famous management master Drucker guest entrepreneurs are defined as those can "look for changes and positive response, take it as an opportunity to take advantage of the people". This change is mainly from the change of industrial structure, the upgrading of consumption structure, city population accelerated the change of ideology, government policy changes, the change of population structure and income level, the trend of globalization etc.. For example, improve the income level of residents, the ownership of private cars will continue to increase, which will be derived from car sales, repair, spare parts, cleaning, decoration, second-hand car trading, drive and other entrepreneurial opportunities.

3, invention

invention provides new products and services, to better meet customer needs, but also bring business opportunities. For example, with the birth of the computer, computer maintenance, software development, computer training, graphic production, information service, online shop and so on entrepreneurial opportunities followed, even if you don’t invent something new, you can also become a new product sales and promotion, so as to bring you opportunities.

4, competitive

if you can make up the defects and shortcomings of competitors, it will become your entrepreneurial opportunities. Look at the company around you, you can be faster, more reliable and cheaper to provide products or services? Can you do better? If you can, you may find a chance.

5, innovative