Qingyuan to promote the implementation of the family farm venture

rural entrepreneurship has been included in the government to promote the work of all the people to go. Family farms have become the preferred choice of many vision entrepreneurs, family farms not only let the mountains out of the agricultural products, but also the development of tourism related projects, to achieve multiple income.

want block, I want to play the farm…… Nowadays many urban white-collar workers look forward away from the hubbub of the pastoral life, investment and the construction of orchard farm inn Hostel, enjoy a "straightforward and free.". The rising heat of the family farm investment has become a new investment target for many investors. At present, fresh District introduced a new "fresh area of Qingyuan city to promote the development of family farm work plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), lowering the threshold for access to capital for rural tourism business, hoping to attract more young people into the vast rural farm economy to.

in the town of Taoyuan away from the hustle and bustle of the city area fresh water village arch, self driving tour is still warm in the past "eleven" holiday brings, the villagers about the big spenders in the valley of the city people have something more to say, "we love the city is in the village of organic vegetables, poultry and fish, eat enough bought a lot of vegetables, Qingyuan chicken to take home." The villagers Chen Bo said, in the absence of tourism development of the hostel, here is almost isolated, over the years can not see a stranger. Indeed, in addition to the extending of the limestone hills, vast paddy fields and everywhere desolate mud brick house, arch water village also lack of labor, it is difficult to find the resources to boost the economy, give the impression that the land of idyllic beauty. A new hostel economy, so that the local villagers to see new hope farm operations.

by richly endowed by nature of soil and climate, a fresh area of similar Jintan farm in Taoyuan, rich in a large number of seasonal vegetables, edible fungi and fruits. In recent years, considerable economic effects brought to the local farmers, the new rural residential villa rising is a proof.

bottleneck: natural disaster risk as a result of low efficiency

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