The electricity industry development at an alarming rate of three or four line city O2O have a brill

if you don’t know O2O, then you will become obsolete, the era of big data, O2O operating mode continued popularity, many start-up companies targeting this market have begun to enter the field of O2O, eager for a fight the country embarked on the opening station journey.

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but headquarters, you know how to fix station? Chestnut through their learned a little experience and a large number of lessons in the line of work, to give you a reminder.

. The relationship between headquarters first to locate the headquarters and sub station.

a service and a guide is wrong. To do different classification for different business. Chestnut to give a few examples to say.

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ideal headquarters and sub station relationship is to establish good communication channels, combining the strengths of both parties to do the local promotion. From the headquarters can grasp the overall situation, but also can local station. This need to be in the running of the actual work in order to gradually find this.

two, novice or veteran


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