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woman winter Detox

a lot of meat in the winter, the body is easy to stack exhaust gas, resulting in a lot of physical discomfort, such as spots, acne or abdominal distension, etc.. Sweet potatoes contain food cellulose and glucoside, can stimulate the stomach, increase peristalsis, accelerate defecation. Women can also eat the winter Detox yam, especially women and the pressure is relatively large. The essence of the Chinese yam can strengthen the spleen and lung, soluble fiber can also control appetite, improve the digestive system. Women eat more of these foods in winter, focusing on detoxification, in order to better ensure health.

female detoxification in the winter can add fiber food, fiber food detoxification effect is significant, eat to eliminate the body of toxic substances. After eating this kind of food, the body of toxins in the small intestine before absorption, can be adsorbed on the food, with the feces excreted, thereby reducing the accumulation of toxins. Fiber foods can choose the female winter detoxification of brown rice, Vegetable & Fruit etc..

mung bean soup helps to detoxify the winter. Mung beans can lower cholesterol, protect the liver, to avoid allergies. Mung bean is rich in vitamin B, protein and nutrients such as Magnesium Oxide, women often drink green bean soup in the winter, can accelerate the excretion of toxins in the body, promote metabolism. Moreover, the autumn season mung bean soup also has a cosmetic effect.

cold winter, a lot of girls do not love to go out, like the house in the home Internet, chase drama, but this will allow the body to accumulate a lot of toxins, and eventually lead to disease. Therefore, the woman is particularly important in winter detoxification. What are the winter Detox small coup can help us.

in fact, the most simple way for women to detox is to drink plenty of water, add two liters of water a day, through the urine can be discharged toxins, reduce renal pressure. However, drinking water is not just drink, to grasp the time. Morning drink water can be added enough to eliminate toxins. 3 in the afternoon, bladder nerves will be particularly active, this time to drink plenty of water. At 9 in the evening, the immune system is the most active, this time to add moisture, can repair the immune system.

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