Beijing’s 101 richest people list Zhao Wei exposure into a big winner

believes that everyone has a dream to become a "rich man", and a lot of people are struggling with this dream. Recently, the list of the 101 richest people in Beijing exposure, Zhao Wei couple on the list, becoming a big winner in life. See these lists, Xiao Bian said only envy jealous no hate…

to separate and the female identity in the list, only three, which is 74 year old Chen Lihua, 51 year old Wu Yajun, 58 year old Xiao Wenhui. They are engaged in the real estate industry background.

the "journey to the west" the monk who played Chi Zhongrui’s wife Chen Lihua is the age of the list in the maximum 74 years old. As chairman of FUWAH International Group, she for $7 billion 600 million in the global rich list ranked 159, than the last list rose 31.



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