Baby industry is a double-edged sword

any industry where there are opportunities and challenges, but in the end we still want to grasp, let us look at the situation of the baby industry. China’s annual birth of 27 million infants, 2016 will usher in the fifth round of baby boomers; last year, China’s 0 to 12 year old children and pregnant women in the consumer market demand for 1 trillion yuan, and the annual growth rate of more than 20%, is expected to 2015, this figure will reach 2 trillion yuan…… November 10, 2011, from Nanjing baby industry summit, the outgoing message, so that more than 70 representatives of the participating enterprises excited. Baby industry is a green industry in twenty-first Century, sunrise industry, China’s infant industry ushered in an important period of development opportunities." Summit organizer, Xu Weihong, general manager of Nanjing children Wang Industrial Co., ltd..

"baby industry is expected to become an important force in stimulating domestic demand." Good prospects for the baby industry to attract a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises stampede in many individuals on the Internet, open up baby products store. According to the number of delegates, at present our country baby industry in the vast majority of private enterprises, not only challenges the prices of raw materials, foreign brand competition, and baby market itself are especially uneven in quality, dragons and fishes jumbled together, the former two years of "milk" incident, make the child mothers of children’s food safety problem tanhusebian. Today, many baby companies, including those who operate a single e-commerce products are difficult to live.

"Chinese baby industry do not instant success, full development. Baby industry is not selling products, but our feelings for consumers." Xu Weihong said, China’s infant industry development is not a lack of technology, not the market, the key is to establish a good market order and corporate integrity. Provide safe and healthy products, is the foundation of the baby business." The aim of this business, in 2012, the child Wang plans to open new stores 15-20 home, by the end of 2013, the number of stores will reach 50, operating area of more than 300 thousand square meters.

the honest credit industry concept, seize the opportunity, brave before, in the baby industry can create a better future. ,


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