What are the four key elements of success in a franchise

There are many ways to start

, some people will choose the way of franchising, and some people will choose to establish their own brand. In recent years, chain stores such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain booming, creating many chain king, but many chain system, go faster, the scenery after a while it disappeared or unable to get up after a fall. While some chain system can continue to shop, still stand not shake, which is the key to success or failure?

franchise success four elements

entrepreneurship, shop, when the boss! This has been the dream of many people’s minds, especially on the tired work 9-5, is eager to have a business of their own, and to open a shop when a small boss, often become interested in these entrepreneurs love.

franchise business model, now seems to have become more and more prosperous, many shop owner opened in two, three, Business Flourishes peak, there are a lot of people who want to start active door asking to join, once asked to join the many people, often the boss will think that since so many people want to join, can open to join shop chain expansion territory, and join the gold can be closed, of course will open. However, success often in uncertainty.

however, what are the success factors of franchise stores? In the years of observation of the retail chain industry, simple operation, should include the product popularity, business popularization, channel brand charm too strong brand products such as the four elements, as follows:

, the first retail operation simple.

The basic concept of

is authorized to join, brand franchisees teach, because do not understand technology, so I want to join, is to lay people, and can play the operation through short-term training, and in the short term, to let franchisees from amateur to proficient, retail operation technology is not too difficult must be simple.

so, like convenience stores have been able to do a lot of shops, stores because of simple operation, as long as the clerk will play the cash register, money, goods will stock replenishment can be, operation is very simple, so, no matter how to store work changes, the new staff can fast on-line operation in the short term, everyone. Joke, simple meaning, is apart from the dead and the white Yi won’t do, is simply the other person would do.

second, the product must be popular consumer products.

many people think that the shop business is better, the product must be unique, distinctive, to be out of the ordinary, this concept is not wrong, but the premise for this concept is applicable only in shops, shops and stores, which is applicable only in the number of stores in.

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