Xining virtue juvenile selection curtain

today, by a host city office, city civilization office, the municipal Party committee, Municipal Women’s Federation, the Municipal Education Bureau, Xining evening news, Xining TV, Xining people’s broadcasting station jointly hosted in Xining by virtue of youth Star Award in recognition of activities officially started, aims to further promote the activities of Lei Feng "to be a moral person" the theme of educational practice, the formation of good morality civilized behavior of the education system in the city, to create a strong atmosphere of minors in my pursuit of advanced, advocating advanced learning advanced.

"virtue juvenile" 8 stars waiting for you to choose

Xining by virtue of youth star selection scope and target for the city’s nine year compulsory education students, set up as a "civilized star", "self-reliance star", "honest and trustworthy" star, "love dedication star", "respecting the pro star", "love of labor star" and "thrifty Star", "Qinxue innovation star" 8 star, the public selection, jury selection, the 8 categories of the 20 candidates by virtue of youth, and then by the public vote, resulting in 8 categories in 10 a total of 80 years less "Virtue" commend.

8 kinds of juvenile star push selection criteria of different

civilized star – polite words and humble, civilized behavior, good manners; abide by the "students daily behavior norms" and social morality, to develop good habits of learning and living, and consciously safeguard public order and the city image of the city.

self-reliance star — in a superior family, still adhere to the good style of plain living, industrious and thrifty, actively participate in various labor and welfare activities; in adversity and distress, but not to yield, don’t give up, do not rely on, with optimistic attitude to meet the challenges, love life, love life, to.

honest star of word, and responsible for the incident; not resort to deceit, can withstand the temptation; even in the face of difficulties, can still keep promise.

friendly dedication star – enthusiastic participation in school, class work, a high sense of responsibility and service awareness, and actively work hard, silent dedication. Persist in learning and life to help needy students long; to help others solve problems, love and dedication; actively participate in volunteer service activities, often help without blood relationship of the old and infirm; actively participate in social welfare propaganda and cultural activities.

respect for the pro star – understand the parents, Thanksgiving parents, respect elders, love your parents; relatives; in the family have injuries, disability and other difficulties, do never abandon, guard help, conscientious.

love the star of labor – at home to take the initiative to do the housework, the school initiative to clean up; can endure hardship, not afraid of dirty tired, take the initiative to assume.

thrift star – not vie, no money, don’t waste anything, not extravagance and waste, saving water and electricity, low carbon environmental protection.

Logistics Innovation star — learning attitude end;

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