The destruction of the female breast 10 health network female vice

1, underwear lace.


, Canada, said women who smoked a pack of cigarettes a day for 9 years were at an increased risk of breast cancer by up to a factor of 59% by. Alcohol is also a killer of the breast, the daily drinking 1~2 cups of women with breast cancer than women who did not drink increased by 10%>

2, clothes too tight.

long-term intake of high sugar foods, blood insulin levels are always at a high level, resulting in a large increase in the amount of insulin in the breast, and continue to multiply breast cancer cells, resulting in breast cancer. Recommended to eat sweets, snacks, women, the daily intake of sugar should be about 30~40 grams, the daily diet of Cereals, beans, sweet potatoes, eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

lace is made of polyester, nylon and spandex, can cause skin allergies, for lactating women, can block the lactiferous hole or the milk ducts, causing dysgalactia or mastitis. Therefore, women’s underwear should be comfortable cotton fabric as the first choice.

4, Dai Wenxiong sleep.

7, too rough on the breast.

often lying on the ground may cause sagging breasts or depression. The best position is the female side, and a pillow pad in the breast, in order to obtain enough supporting force. Can be appropriate to do some deep breathing, chest, arms, waist movement, help activating meridians, promoting qi and blood, prevent breast tissue aging.

if the development stage of the breast, blind diet or drugs to lose weight, will cause the imbalance of sex hormones, affecting the development of breast. Therefore, the development of girls do not blindly lose weight, can be maintained through a healthy diet, exercise, etc..

6, love to eat sweets.

tight bra, thin coat will directly affect the circulatory system, blood stasis caused by the lower part of the breast, breast swelling and pain. For girls in development stage, will directly affect the development of breast. Therefore, it is best to wear less tights, bra size should be between the breast and bra can accommodate 1~2 finger is preferred.

8, smoking and drinking.

breast is a close friend of women, for women to add beauty, but also the need for women’s life care. Some bad habits will make them "injured", leading to breast disease. Here’s a look at what bad habits, like to breast torture "".

5, blind weight loss.

breast is very fragile, subject to severe impact, internal soft tissue contusion is easily, or cause internal hyperplasia, severe internal small vessel may rupture, resulting in the formation of hematoma or cyst. Therefore, the treatment of the breast to be gentle, to avoid external extrusion, bath when the movement is gentle, do not hold arm movements.

3, lie prone to sleep.

study found that women who wore bras for more than 17 hours a day were more than 20 times more likely to develop breast cancer than those who wore bras or bras for a short time. This is a long time because breast compression, lymphatic obstruction, causing breast distending pain.

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