Shanghai Univer in Qinghai, Guoluo traditional craft workstation set up

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Tibetan traditional crafts and items of intangible heritage and protection, more recently, Shanghai Univer in Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture traditional crafts workstation set up. Xiang Zhaolun, Vice Minister of the Ministry of culture and Culture Press and publication department, Shanghai Univer official commission, Golog jointly inaugurated workstation.

Shanghai Univer is one of the Ministry of culture Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance bear Guoluo people thousands of training tasks for colleges, has nearly 50 trainees in guoluo. After the station was established, adhere to the "Living Heritage of non heritage project, with active thinking mode of the development team to the operation mechanism of intangible cultural heritage, intangible cultural heritage community vitality to the construction" as the theme, by enterprises, universities and local cooperation, help the traditional craft industry and local enterprises Guoluo craftsmen to improve the level of development of the traditional technology and the formation of market competitiveness, promotion experience. The workstation built an important platform for Golog Tibetan traditional technology to domestic and international markets, a platform for domestic and international cultural exchange and Golog culture to go abroad, the Shanghai Univer will be through the workstation, and deepen the study of Guoluo Prefecture traditional culture and cultural heritage project related knowledge system, the accumulation of academic resources, promote the school discipline construction.


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