Hidden from the shape of breast disease self testing health network

when the tumor tissue infiltration to continuous skin glands and fibrous ligaments, it will cause the contraction of ligament. However, this increase is not cancer with ligament. The tumor surface skin stretch and sag, such as the formation of superficial skin sag, which is "dimple sign".

interesting knowledge: not only can see the shape of breast disease, also can know the character, according to Beard "the German newspaper" reported that the scientists Piyiluo? Luolunzuoni said: "a woman’s breast and her signs, can show her character."

(2) breast mass: one or both

shape 1: all ok

breast hyperplasia accounts for more than 75% of all breast diseases, is the most common type of breast disease, occurs at any age after puberty women. The clinical manifestations of this disease are breast mass and breast pain.

this is due to the formation of breast cancer in the early stages of the disease, the presence of a round or oval breast painless single small lumps. Later, with the development of the disease, the tissues around the tumor appeared reactive hyperplasia.

this is the most beautiful expression of breast. Each side of the breast are 15 ~ 20 which is shaped arrangement of the gland, gland between fiber bundles and vertical skin, called the Cooper ligament, only when the internal structure of the normal breast, blood and lymph circulation network, well, they can appear hemispherical appearance, moderate size, symmetrical beautiful and delicate.

shape 3: breast "dimple" long earth crumbles to

when the disease hits a supportive Cooper ligament, the breasts contract and collapse. When the lymph circulation affected lymph edema caused by breast skin hair follicles punctate depressions, "peel like" "dimple" change.

recommendation: breast disease self inspection method

(1) breast pain: general or two side breast pain, tingling or pain, severe pain can not touch, walking, pain in breast swells quickly, to the armpits, chest, shoulder, upper limb radiation, while others showed nipple pain or itching, pain and emotions fluctuate with the menstrual cycle change, often when angry or depressed when aggravating, before menstruation, menstrual cramps and pain were relieved or disappeared.

health knowledge: three main manifestations of breast hyperplasia

shape 2: swell swell

Lorenzo Ni is a kind of fruit which breast shape classification of breast, he said, a man can breast and personality of their own similar to the constellation that then draw diagram, show the relationship between a woman’s breast size and character of their.

when a breast mass, it should be very careful, slow growth, pain significantly more benign hyperplasia or inflammation of the tumor; rapid growth, the masses do not need to check the boundary unclear.

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