Legislative reform

solidly carry out the party’s mass line educational practice, the masses are most looking forward to see tangible results. To solve the hot, the cadres and the masses focus and difficult problems on efforts to check out the problem, to "change" word to the real thing, really, enact legislation to change action, immediate effect, take concrete actions to win the trust.

from June 15th to 16, the Municipal Standing Committee Special democratic life meeting proposed ten questions need to enact change, to find out the problem, the municipal government to seriously study, sum up, the development of the reform program, draw a timetable, route map, the Municipal Committee and the responsible units shall be handled in accordance with the division of responsibilities itemized claim, make rectification action, effective, benefiting the people.

"an action is better than a dozen programs, revealing problems to solving the problem, the key to solve the problem in action. To carry out the topic of democratic life, not a "pass through", "not as a mere formality", to find out the problem, must dare seriously, dare to tackle tough problems, really realistically change, instead of "a" and "feint". Learning while the investigation and reform, leading cadres at all levels of the city with a good democratic life as an opportunity to make full use of the positive results of the meeting, and strive to achieve the "three real", take practical action to catch rectification, turn style, let people see tangible results.

to the masses the strongest echo problems, to the people most want to solve the difficulties as the focal point, to enact legislation to change the determination in the face of contradictions, the Municipal Standing Committee initiative claim action set an example for us, also highlights the strong problem consciousness". This kind of problem consciousness behind the cohesion of the party’s leadership of the masses. Only the people in mind, the masses of the gains and losses in the first place, the masses of the suffering in my heart, in order to people’s sorrow for you, to the masses of the problem as the problem, to the difficulties of the masses is difficult, also can find the problems of the masses, the masses really pay attention to the problem, really solve the problems of the masses. This is the fundamental guarantee for the party and the government to be supported by the people.

revealing problems of the real thing, Li Li line change effect. Style building is an eternal topic, a good topic of democratic life will be a good start, the key is to solve the problem. Implementation of the rectification is not in place, the problem is resolved, the masses are not satisfied with the satisfaction of the party’s mass line directly affects the quality and effectiveness of educational practice. Only adhere to the legislative change, to nail the spirit of the implementation of rectification, in order to truly achieve the transformation of style.


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