Xining Urban Development nvestment Fair will be held in mid September

In order to result in city construction, industrial development, culture and tourism exhibition in Xining city in recent years, efforts to increase investment, the Xining municipal Party committee, municipal government decided to hold the "Xining city development and Investment Fair in Qinghai International Exhibition Center from September 10th to 12". This is the first time held in Xining City, the largest size high, directly facing the various types of investors, face-to-face promotion of city planning and construction projects, the industry to extend the industrial chain and supporting industry, service industry development projects, the city reserve land and promote the development of refueling station auction investment event.A

reporter in the August 16th meeting of the Xining City Development Project Investment Fair press conference was informed that the fair is sponsored by the Xining Municipal People’s government, jointly sponsored by the Xining economic and Technological Development Zone, the county people’s government and relevant departments directly under the. Fair for investment xiadou, win-win cooperation "as the theme, to show Xining, Xining, Xining propaganda promotion, enhance the taste of the city, optimize the investment environment, accelerate the economic development of Xining for the purpose of the city construction, industrial development, cultural tourism projects for the combination of points, adhere to the" planning, project oriented, special promotion, investment the main "principle, to recommend to discuss the project as a carrier, a comprehensive display of Xining economic development, city construction achievements and cultural history, tourism development, investment environment, improve the visibility of the city, enhance the economic attractiveness and cultural cohesion, promote investment, accelerate Xining economic and social coordinated and healthy and rapid development.

it is understood that this forum will promote a total of 283 projects, with a total investment of 148 billion 227 million yuan. Among them, 148 urban construction projects, investment of $125 billion 193 million. City construction will focus on the promotion of ten major projects including: the Lake District core area, Jianguo Road Commercial District, square area, train station wells Xiang business district, business district, financial and Cultural Center Plaza tiger Taiwan administrative office and scientific research area, Dongguan mosque surrounding neighborhoods, Cao Jia Zhai Cun, Nanchuan district area, Menyuan Road area other projects, to create a set of business administration office, leisure, cultural tourism, traffic and distribution as one of the city livable environment; industrial development projects a total of 31, the investment amounted to 6 billion 592 million yuan; the culture of class a total of 23 projects, investment of 2 billion 408 million yuan; travel a total of 46 projects, investment of 8 billion 930 million yuan; circulation service a total of 15 projects, investment of 3 billion 333 million yuan; animal husbandry industry a total of 20 projects, investment of 1 billion 831 million yuan.

During the

conference, will be held in the "county project special promotion", "Sea Lake District, Nanchuan comprehensive development, Huangshui River (Xining section) comprehensive management of special promotion", "industrial special promotion" and "cultural tourism promotion", "state-owned land use right transfer auction" etc. a series of promotional activities.

at present, Xining investment promotion project has been prepared to prepare the project. Fair preparation and exhibit work under the leadership of the Executive Committee, is in accordance with the general plan in an orderly way. (author: Xiao Ling Hai Ling)


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