Landless farmers endowment insurance advice

land expropriation of farmers in line with what conditions can become landless farmers social endowment insurance object? How to raise pensions? Recently, Xining introduced the "Xining views the implementation of land acquisition by farmers social endowment insurance (for Trial Implementation)" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), on the identity of landless farmers, fund collection and expenditure management, insurance registration, responsibilities of various departments and other related matters detailed provisions.

identified by the identity of landless farmers

opinion clearly defined the scope and conditions of land expropriated farmers. In the city of Xining city planning area, approval by the administrative department of land and resources of the local implementation of a unified collection of rural collective land, calculated by households per capita surplus less than 0.3 acres of arable land, rural collective land holding warrants, aged 16 years old and above, did not participate in the basic old-age insurance for urban workers (including farmers in nationality the household registration system reform policy has been the transfer of the land expropriated peasants, the same below). According to my own initiative, you can participate in the landless peasants’ social endowment insurance. Before December 31, 2012, where in the city territory approved land acquisition, the per capita arable land area of less than 0.3 acres in the membership of farmers, for farmers. After January 1, 2013 all in the city approved the expropriation of land, the per capita arable land area of less than 0.3 acres in the membership of farmers, new farmers. The per capita arable land is calculated by the average per capita arable land of the land expropriated farmers = the remaining farmland area of ÷ after the land requisition; the total number of agricultural workers.

government subsidies to implement the minimum living standards of 15%

in the management of the fund balance, the "opinions" clear revenue collection, payment and other content, in which individual contributions, landless farmers social endowment insurance for peasants in land expropriation of local urban residents minimum living standards for the base year, by 35% the proportion of one-time payment of 15 years of pension insurance. Government subsidies in accordance with the "who land, who benefits, who bears the financial subsidy" principle, the implementation of the people’s governments at or above the county level land expropriation of land expropriated farmers individual payment subsidies, subsidy standard to land expropriation of local urban residents in the minimum living standard of 15% determined by the financial departments at all levels of priority from the land assignment income disposable extraction 15 years of premium subsidy funds, the funds into the landless peasants’ social insurance fund financial accounts. Collective subsidies, the conditions of the village collective contributions to the insured person to pay subsidies, subsidy standards determined by the Democratic Committee of the villagers. New land acquisition farmers’ social endowment insurance contribution base in accordance with the local urban residents minimum living standard changes in time to adjust.

to achieve the formalities of age through the second month to enjoy

on the registration of insurance, the "opinions" clear district (county) social insurance agencies received the district (county) land and resources management department of the transfer of the "Xining land expropriated farmers to determine the table" and "Xining was;

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