Optimization of urban traffic structure Xining to promote unimpeded traffic engineering

in order to further optimize the urban traffic structure, ease traffic congestion, improve traffic efficiency, Xining will make efforts to promote the implementation of the smooth traffic project, the popular project. The afternoon of November 16th, Xining city traffic bureau and Public Security Bureau jointly held a news conference, informed the smooth traffic project first phase of infrastructure construction plan, improve the intersection traffic capacity and solve the city main Taoist vehicles mixed measures.

it is understood that Xining’s rapid economic and social development and improve people’s living standards, rapid increase of motor vehicles in Xining City, motor vehicle growth rate is 10 times the growth rate of urban roads, especially in the rush hours, traffic jams are becoming more and more serious, therefore, Xining municipal Party committee, municipal government decided to implement the "smooth traffic project".

"smooth traffic project" is divided into two stages in the short-term and long-term implementation, the recent project is divided into three stages, the first stage is from now to the end of the month of 2010 yuan, mainly to solve the road signs, signs, markings, scientific setting, mining and other key issues of road construction and the existing rigid isolation facilities facility potential, preliminary solve the separation of people and vehicles and road safety problems; from February 2010 to June for the second stage, mainly through the open broken road, overpass, tunnel construction and a number of road traffic infrastructure, to further improve traffic conditions; from July 2010 to December for the third stage, to further improve the traffic infrastructure, basic on the implementation of the city’s road traffic orderly, safe and smooth. Through the implementation of the construction of these three stages, the initial realization of the diversion of people and vehicles, so that public transport safety is guaranteed. In the long-term project is the main task of forward-looking and advanced scientific vision of the traffic system planning, the city traffic strategy planning and action planning, organization planning and security planning into the strategic plan for the development of the city, and to the construction of major projects based on the formation of city traffic system; there is a long-term ongoing investment in the city the traffic construction, accelerate the pace of the construction of an integrated transport hub, the implementation of mechanized management of urban road traffic, to ensure the priority of public transport to the city resources, at the same time will depend on the progress of science and technology to promote the construction of traffic information.

is reported that, according to the overall planning and construction of traffic engineering, the first phase of the main road rigid isolation, road marking, signs, pedestrian overpass and underpass (early) and other construction projects, and strengthen the public education of road traffic safety. Xining city traffic police detachment will be based on the actual situation of urban traffic, the basic theory of the application of traffic engineering, intends to take the signal control crossing vehicles entering the intersection add lanes, increased air and ground signs and markings, optimization of signal timing scheme, the transformation of ten crossing, on the part of the main road and secondary road is arranged in the center of isolation facilities, measures the implementation of the separation of people and vehicles etc..


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