Kuang Yong in the province’s foreign trade development joint meeting stressed that a clear understan

5 month 31 days, in the face to the Nanchuan Industrial Park investigation part of the production and operation of enterprises and foreign trade export problems and difficulties, vice governor Kuang Yong chaired the joint meeting of the province’s foreign trade development, discussion on "development of a joint meeting system of foreign trade in Qinghai province (Draft)", bulletin 1 to April the province’s import and export the situation, arrangements for the next step.

Kuang Yong pointed out that to firmly grasp the foreign trade is to actively promote the reform of the supply side, is to grasp the economic development, is to expand the space for development of consciousness, to fully understand the current situation, we must see the seriousness of the situation, complexity, enhance the sense of urgency, sense of responsibility, to firmly grasp the focus of the work. Innovative methods of work, strengthen good confidence in the work of the province’s foreign trade.

Kuang Yong stressed that to assess the situation, seize the opportunity, go all out to promote the province’s foreign trade to stabilize. To pay close attention to the implementation of the policy, the development of foreign trade enterprises to expand the main body, regulate the development of agency trade, and constantly open up new markets, efforts to build foreign trade channels, layers of implementation of the responsibility. At the same time, to promote the formation of good work force to stabilize foreign trade. The joint meeting of the member units to start from the working mechanism of improving vertical linkage, horizontal cooperation, continue to strengthen communication and coordination, to ensure the exchange of information and policy dynamic feedback, increase joint research efforts, the implementation of the "one policy" methods of work, timely solve business difficulties, form a joint force to promote the development of the province’s foreign trade.


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