Practice fine management concept to improve the level of landscape protection

is the innovation of landscape management mechanism, further improve the landscaping management level, consolidate the "National Forest City Circle" to create results, to the party’s "big eighteen" to create a good landscape environment, combined with the actual north, to implement fine management as the starting point, since July 9th, to the jurisdiction of the streets, green, park, garden, Plaza the courtyard, units and residential green landscape to carry out comprehensive remediation activities.
the green landscape remediation activities will be divided into three stages. The first stage is the stage of concentration. The stage will be fully completed within the dead tree, trees and clean up the car with a green, pruning and removal work litter and weeds, thoroughly remove all kinds of waste at the same time in the green space, strengthen the cleaning work; the second stage to consolidate the results of rectification stage, the North Green sector will be further refined maintenance and management work under the jurisdiction of the trees comprehensively do fine pruning, fertilization, pest control and so do the maintenance work, timely repair damaged garden facilities, greening work focus on the maintenance and management of the fine maintenance, strengthen all-round management, consolidate the green achievements, improve the management level; the third stage is the landscape upgrade stage, comprehensive to carry out the autumn replanting replanting trees planted, missing trees and green nedjo, shrub, ground covers and lawns, ensure no empty pit, no bare land.
by strong regulation of the above three stages, the north will strive to achieve fine maintenance management, in the green space conservation measures, continue to beautify the city environment, enhancing the landscape quality, strengthen ecological effect, optimize the living environment, enhance the city greening construction and fine management.


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