West District to carry out the South commercial lane city environment remediation

in order to further strengthen the city appearance and environmental sanitation management, create a clean and convenient travel environment, to the public in July 12th, aiming at the problems existing in South commercial Lane recently dirty and messy, etc., by the deputy governor of the west district government into jade Wei team, organization construction, urban management, industry and commerce, office and other departments of the town to the South commercial Lane Jeeves, shop management and other illegal assault phenomenon concentrated rectification. Remediation measures effective, obvious effect.

combined with the renovation of the city environmental remediation activities, in accordance with the concept of fine management, to take three measures: first, adhere to civilized law enforcement. of operating outside the shop, Jeeves owners to persuade education, supplemented by punishment material, law enforcement has achieved good effect. two is to adhere to the law administration. on the basis of the "Xining city appearance and environmental sanitation management regulations", strict law enforcement, law enforcement officers dispatched more than 80 passengers, 15 law enforcement vehicles, clean up the South commercial Xiang stallage, cluttered strife and other illegal acts more than 20. three is to enhance long-term management. ordered the owners to strengthen the implementation of the "Three Guarantees" in front of the door to ensure that the responsibility of regional health order.

by regulation, to effectively curb illegal Jeeves and other phenomena, improve urban environmental outlook. The next step will further increase inspection efforts to consolidate the results of rectification, strict control, to ensure the urban environment of Changzhi City long jie.


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