Xining Municipal Health Bureau to carry out the Qinghai provincial regulations on legal publicity an

according to administering the city of Xining leading group office file "on the forwarding of public officials in the province of < < Qinghai province to carry out legal publicity and education regulations answer activities of the notice" notice "(office for 2012 No. 18) spirit. Xining City Health Bureau actively organize all employees to participate in the activities of the answer, and ask the subordinate units according to their actual situation to arrange the activities of the answer, the papers do comment and archive work.  
by the answer, so I all employees fully understand and learn the "legal education regulations" in Qinghai province. The significance of the legal publicity and education work status, function, target and work principle, work responsibilities, education object, examination and assessment of job security and other content, to further promote the the legal work to lay a solid foundation.

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