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pressure is too large, irregular diet

used to stay up late

for women, who is the greatest harm because often squeezed breast breast, the edge of the table, the situation may be more severe. Because lean sideways or lying on the table, right in the breasts on the fulcrum of extruding. Research shows that, if the hard edge of the table by breast squeeze nearly 1.5 hours, can interfere with the normal metabolism of the breast, a long time will cause adverse consequences.

for adolescent girls harm is far-reaching. Because the deep sleep during the night is the peak of the hormone secretion, lack of sleep, will seriously interfere with endocrine function, affecting the development of puberty, including the development of the breast.

underwear inappropriate

often at

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cup size, underwear, and the methods and steps of wearing underwear is all about, if not properly dressed, it may cause the chest fat "".

experts suggest that maintaining adequate sleep is important for adolescent girls. Parents can spend more time on their children by making reasonable arrangements for time, reducing the number of after-school tutoring programs, and developing good time management habits and work habits.

for adolescent girls, long time desk study will not only have the harm, may also cause the chest, causing breast dysplasia because of his hump. A youth not only affects the physical beauty, but also affect the heart and lung development, make teenagers fatigue easily, can not adhere to the stand for a long time.

pressure is too large, irregular life or emotional depression, will affect the development of the chest. Because the pressure is easy to cause the thyroid with excitement, cortisol rise, accelerate fat burning, and the chest is the most easy to lose fat, become a "Princess" is not hard to imagine.

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