Build military and civilian Harmony city school-age girls camp blind taiwan

Army Day Eve, as an important part of the ancient city of Taiwan Street Office held a joint Square Art Festival, the ancient city of Taiwan’s first military Queqiao fellowship party held in touching and romantic atmosphere, more than 300 officers, 96351 troops and the ancient city of Taiwan age unmarried girls to participate in the activities of the army and sing, military tune.

is the ancient city of Taiwan show army loving, people support the military military harmonious atmosphere, further compose ", build military yushuiqing deep support efforts to solve the problem of praise, love and marriage officers, stimulate the army officer rooted in the plateau plateau, plateau, love dedication enthusiasm, the ancient city of Taiwan district offices and 96351 forces recently co sponsored the event. For the active atmosphere, deepen cooperation and communication between each other, the office staff carefully designed a number of interactive games and link "bright rose star" rating activities, "and a test of both men and women in" understanding, "sunshine partners" to narrow the distance between the two sides, on and off the field of interaction between, a piece of laughter. Everywhere ripples with romantic atmosphere, activities not only deepen the feelings between people, more fully embodies the "good soldiers and a civilian, and the relationship between the pro separation".


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