Xining city create a city, do civilized advocate new social atmosphere is still proposal

Friends of the general public:

A, participate in online memorial, leading the new social. The central civilization office in Chinese civilization home prominently opened online offering martyrs "column, the general public should actively landing Chinese Civilization Network, to carry out online offering martyrs activities. Parents should guide their children together to actively participate in online flowers, mourning bow, message message. By writing experience, micro-blog, Liyan to express love party, patriotism, love of home.

two, to carry out religious civilization, remember the martyrs of thanksgiving. The general public friends to pass to the West army Memorial Cemetery of martyrs, patriotism education base for the grave, revolutionary martyrs oath, wreath, flowers and trees, clean up weeds, visit the cemetery of Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial Exhibition of deeds, such as the way of ecological civilization valiant record of the revolutionary martyrs of Thanksgiving miss, in the rites of refinement and establish a healthy and civilized ritual of fresh air.

three, learning the deeds of the martyrs, to become a man of virtue. To seriously study the martyrs deeds, profound feelings of sages spirit, and draw inexhaustible power forever forward from them; strengthen moral consciousness and enhance the spiritual realm, strengthen the moral cultivation, moral norms, improve the moral quality, strive to be a moral person, for the construction of the beautiful Xining, make a positive contribution to the realization of "China dream".

Xining Civilization Office  

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