China Airlines opened two Dalian – Xining new route

  June 9th, held in Xining, Hohhot tourism promotion will be revealed, China Airlines opened Dalian – Hohhot – Xining, Dalian – Yulin – Xining two new routes.

, Hohhot Tourism Bureau relevant person in charge of the local rich tourism resources, said Xining and Hohhot’s tourism resources are the same, there are complementary; hope that through this promotion can attract more Xining residents to Hohhot do not feel like the beauty of the prairie. Xining Tourism Bureau, the relevant person in charge of the tourism resources in Xining were introduced, and that the two complementary tourism resources, a vast space for cooperation. At the same time, the two travel agencies jointly explore the market, innovative projects for the exchange.

Dalian – Hohhot – Xining flights opened in June 6th. After the opening of the flight, Xining to Hohhot only 1 hours and 40 minutes, Xining to only about 4 hours. June 10th, Dalian – Yulin – Xining flights opened. These two new routes opened up between Hohhot, Yulin, Dalian and Xining air bridge, will further strengthen the connection between the four, provides convenient conditions for the promotion of local culture, tourism and business exchanges, to promote the integration of regional tourism resources play an important role.


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