Create a bright spot to benefit the masses of all ethnic groups

December 11th to 12, the city held in Xining city to create national unity and progress of advanced work site will promote, deputy secretary of Municipal Committee and Secretary Su Rong made a speech at the meeting, vice mayor, city public security bureau director Zhang Qian, deputy mayor Kim Jiuchen, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman, municipal united front work department minister Liu Fade attended the meeting. Four districts and counties of the city development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Bureau of education, respectively, in the exchange of the national unity and progress in the work of the three areas of the practice. Su Rong pointed out that the creation of national unity and progress in advanced areas, focusing on the creation of this year is to create a year of work, but also a strong foundation of a critical year. The county departments should focus on implementing key tasks, focus and create a good atmosphere, concentrate on solving the outstanding problems, focus on promoting the focus of the work to create a bright in the building; to realize the new breakthrough, in strict accordance with the plan steadily, the real highlight of bright, brand ring, the benefit of people of all nationalities; at the same time to form the sense of competition, to form a good working atmosphere, striving for the advanced and race each other to create highlights, and strive to create work at the forefront of the city and the province. Hospitals, schools, banks and other public service window industry to achieve new breakthroughs in creating activities, combining with the actual work, starting from the propaganda slogans, signs and service content, reflect the characteristics of national culture, show the advanced pattern of ethnic solidarity, harmony together. Su Rong stressed that the creation of advanced areas, power from the masses, the results of the masses. All localities and departments and units should adhere to the masses, close to reality, close to life, loved by the masses of all ethnic groups to carry out a wide range of activities to create, expand exchanges, exchanges and integration of people of all nationalities; to further the implementation of the national culture of quality engineering, build brand culture, promote the development of national culture; to further expand the work to create national unity progress advanced area coverage and influence, and carry out the "seven", "ten" activities, to carry out a comprehensive respecting national habits and customs education, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the people of all ethnic groups. To effectively carry out the party’s mass line of educational practice, cadres and grassroots activities, three activities in the countryside and to resolve disputes in place and other activities, the implementation of grid management measures, to ensure the stability of the grassroots harmony. It is understood that the participants in December 11th to observe the scene learned City District, East District, West District, North District, the community school in the creation of national unity and progress of advanced work of the advanced experience and practice.  

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