Golden week people love to buy cars and jewelry

National day seven day long holiday, Xining festival market supply is abundant, the commodity is rich, the citizen consumption enthusiasm rises. October 1st -10 month 7, Xining City, the focus of the business of the company’s sales of 14 yuan to achieve sales of $204 million, an increase of 12.05%. From the monitoring of the situation, automotive, electrical appliances, clothing, jewelry, household goods and other consumer hotspots become golden week.

major shopping discounts.

for the protection of the holiday market supply, so that people spend a happy and peaceful day festival, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce and trade circulation enterprises to carry out the organization to buy gifts, discounts, sweepstakes, membership points and other promotional activities, the value of the business enterprise organization reached about 4000000000 yuan. Large and medium-sized shopping malls and actively create a festive atmosphere, the rich and colorful promotional activities, the Wangfujing department store to carry out B hall 2 anniversary, group 60 anniversary, launched the autumn goods 5 fold, achieved sales of 47 million 270 thousand yuan; the west street wearing 5 fold, to achieve sales of 9 million 253 thousand yuan; 5 department stores in the grand cross fold, achieved sales of 15 million 180 thousand yuan.Very popular

during the National Day this year, Xining city weather mostly, autumn scenery attracted a large number of foreign tourists and visitors, family dinners, dining table, wedding packages and gathering of friends and family reunion has become hot sales of catering market during the holiday season. In addition, in the National Day period, Xining actively implement the "guarantee for price stability measures of meat, vegetables, eggs, poultry and other agricultural and sideline products increase supplying direct efforts to carry out cheap sales, Xining City, the overall stable prices of daily necessities. Pork, beef and mutton prices have declined, a slight rise in individual vegetables and grain and oil prices.  

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