Do business requires an understanding of both the whole


for any business people, in fact, most worried about is the quarrel between the two sides, once the conflict, will not only lose the customer, even will cause a very bad influence, bring more disadvantages for shops. So, no matter what kind of business is running, in fact, both sides need to understand.


is an evening in February 3rd, the snow floating in the sky, I put the tent outside the shop just pull down by half, is preparing to shut the shop for dinner, at this time, a convulsive uncle came up, girl, wait, don’t close the door, I want to buy some kind of special purchases for the Spring Festival go back to.

I hurriedly stepped forward to ask: "uncle, you need what special purchases for the Spring Festival!" Uncle said to me: "I am going to do a few things in the first few months to go, so take advantage of the time to go in the first year of the relatives walk in Shenzhen.


said: "girl, I put the child to her, several gifts from relatives Maimaila back, buy 2 Huang Jinye (Jin Mantang), 2 specialty 5-spice sugar Za Qi instrument, 2 unified the old altar at this moment, aunt came in from outside the shop, smiled and said:" uncle the old man, my nephew would love to drink Wahaha KbaC beverage, buy 2 pieces of Wahaha KbaC beverage."

uncle nodded and said, well, then I put all the gifts together, a total is 435 yuan, uncle after the account, I see a shop Rigby gas beverage is not available, immediately go to the next in the warehouse goods. I turned over in the warehouse room, found only 1 pieces of Wahaha KbaC drinks, I hand carrying 1 KbaC beverage; returned and told the uncle: "uncle, I am really sorry, only 1 pieces of KbaC beverage I in the warehouse, or this one to give you the money back forget it."

who know uncle listens, face brush changed, "you this girl I give you to pay over the money, you can give me a KbaC beverage, I see you in this shop are open here for more than a decade! You, your girl is not honest in business". I am smiling: "uncle, this brand drinks this year was listed, not much inventory, still do not know what will sell, who knows after sell this brand of beverage, return rate is so high, so the purchase of the special, due to less inventory, resulting in stock, please forgive uncle ah!" After listening to uncle, muttering, take my money to his return, angrily walked out of my door.

is at this time, I suddenly thought of delicious mouth son, but also hide 1 pieces of gas drink under the bed, waiting for the school to get the school to drink it, I hurried out of the shop called Uncle don’t go. Stop for a while, uncle listened to my explanation, ha ha smile: "since it is your son to hide, that he also love to drink, then I don’t want to, or to the child to stay! Do not let the child unhappy, or let you >

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