Lhasa city to promote the construction of highway

Tibet autonomous region to promote economic development in the past few years, the establishment of a number of routes to help people achieve better and faster development, worthy of attention. 3017 years, built from Lhasa to Linzhi, Gongga airport to Ze when high-grade highway. This reporter has learned that this year, Lhasa city road will be opened to traffic; at the same time, three road is expected to open in July.


of the party since eighteen, Tibet autonomous region, and vigorously promote the construction of highway traffic, formulated the "Tibet autonomous region traffic super conventional development plan", the implementation of the gala mountain tunnel and Yajiang bridge expansion project and Milin to Pakistan, Lhasa to Linzhi, to the Gongga airport to Xigaze Peace Airport to Zetang and sangzhu Zi highway engineering Lhasa City, the construction of road project.

there is, "five tunnels and two bridges" of the Sichuan Tibet highway Tangmai section renovation renovation project officially opened, the Sichuan Tibet highway "Tangmai natural barrier" has become history. Through more than 4 years of unremitting efforts, in the construction and construction of high-grade highway to reach 739 km, Tibet highway traffic mileage of 82 thousand and 500 km.

Lhasa to Linzhi, Gongga airport to Ze when high-grade highway is the main economic backbone of Tibet economic circle. The length of Lalin highway about 409.2 kilometers, estimating the static total investment of 38 billion yuan, the first phase of the project started in May 2013, completed in September 2015 to run; the two phase of the project started in March 2016. Gomze highway mileage of 89.7 kilometers, a total investment of 5 billion 33 million yuan. With Lhasa to Linzhi, Linzhi to Shannan, Shannan to the main sections of the high level of Lhasa and speed up the black, Tibetan traffic loop is about to shape.

Ring road

Lhasa city started construction in October 7, 2015, by the North Ring Road, north ring extension, South line, West Ring Road, Liu East Bridge composed of 5 main parts, the new highway 72.18 kilometers, plans to invest 11 billion 310 million yuan. At present, the overall progress of Lhasa city ring road project is smooth, and now has the initial conditions of opening, will be opened in July this year, when the ancient city of Lhasa will be tied to a gold belt".

we all know, want rich, the first road, more than the opening of the road, which means that people’s living standards on a new level, while it is worth more people concerned about the progress of the construction of the highway. Accelerate the preparatory work for Changdu and Changdu to Russia, Luoqiao dege, Sichuan Tibet highway, Lhasa to Shigatse, Shigatse to Geelong port highway conditions, timely construction.

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