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chest care in this area, we rarely involved in the past. Because the chest is very fragile and sensitive parts of the female body, to make it clear that the one or two pages can not be completed. But with the growth of female consciousness, whether it is the health of the chest, or the beauty of the chest, are increasingly sought after. Of course, there are many errors, so this time, we will be in the form of a special subject, several hours to introduce some knowledge of breast.

intentionally murder

make mistakes: product, surgery, drug

first, because the chest physiological structure and other parts of the body are different, so can be applied to all products, and some can not be used in the chest, like a lot of body lotion, so unless the product marked on the chest to use, you go back to avoid chest when using body lotion, and the use of special chest products. The chest can not be exfoliating area, maintenance methods and some similar to the neck, but also the need for mild moisturizing and sunscreen.

secondly, a lot of people in order to pursue more fullness of the chest, will go to buy breast products. To remind you that this kind of product in the market quality not neat, must identify and ensure the well-known brand, or use than not.

even if the election of the product, can not be used for a long time, which contains a number of hormones, and some of the time must not be used, such as pregnancy, lactation, etc.. Otherwise, it is likely to affect both the mother and child physique.

finally, we must remind everyone to carefully consider the need for surgery, breast, because there will be some after the surgery need to pay attention to long-term issues. At the same time, the operation of the hospital is also very important, if you want to be cheap or be tempted to do with the body of the proportion of inappropriate or inappropriate shape of the chest, in fact, will bring a lot of trouble.

fault "fire"

make mistakes: diet, exercise, massage

some people will be more strange, why do I go on a diet to lose weight, what did not see thin it, the chest first thin. In fact, there are a large number of fat tissue in the chest, if you lose weight quickly, and the lack of a reasonable rhythm, then on the one hand can not supply enough nutrition, the body will be a lot of collagen loss.

on the other hand, the rapid decomposition of fat will cause a sudden deformation of the chest, so that the body is not good-looking. Therefore, even if weight loss, but also pay attention to add some protein content is relatively high food, and can not be reduced too fast, or bad body bad.

secondly, because there is no muscle tissue in the chest, so some chest exercise does not promote the chest becomes larger, but will reduce fat, and make the chest smaller. We must choose a reasonable exercise, which can promote blood circulation, strengthen metabolism, which is very helpful for the chest shape. If it is a massage, it is necessary to choose the right approach, if the intensity is not appropriate, then it is likely to cause contusion and extrusion. < >

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