Grassroots entrepreneurs these unspoken rules you need to know

for grassroots entrepreneurs, the same is their desire for success, but grassroots entrepreneurs will encounter more difficulties than ordinary entrepreneurs, success is more firmly believe. As a grassroots entrepreneur, these unspoken rules you need to know.

"capital" of fate: PE,   VC, Angel; seeds of early A B rounds of a chair; we always encounter disappointment, and capital, pass, and like love; in fact nothing, is the fate, who did you meet, or not meet who will eventually think is doomed". Capital is not the choice of love, but no heartbeat and meaningless fawn, and marriage, to find consistent values, the dream is closer to the right; and we do not seek capital can not pull the key when fueled, entrepreneurs have legs, is absolutely down. So, look at the best state of mind is "capital" tolerance is One can be austere without selfish desires "". "Karma" is for you, although you are not careful to marry him, don’t expect him to work hard for you as you haggard, conversely, you don’t work hard for him for his gaunt but not who told you, received a dowry to marry a sedan wolf (Lang)?


"competition": the Internet era, information symmetry has been continuously strengthened, but do not look at the industry change speed acceleration, you may not be holding the five forces model, SWOT, get the pile of market research data projections about the market capacity, fix 3-5 planning, then look at the rolling budget can live; the strategic planning of enterprise management today has been completely dynamic, it is normal, not from the roots, the advantages of iterative visionary need unusual. Competition appears to be today’s sites and the market, in fact we are strategic research on tomorrow’s layout and development direction, work and investment has already entered the new core ecosystem, complete acquired the necessary "around the", explore the leapfrog and blocking subversive innovation may.


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