Dessert store management knowledge

master the way of operation, no matter what the project will be handy. A lot of investors ask about the management of dessert franchise business, and now Xiaobian to answer a unified, I hope you have a certain reference.

A, operating environment analysis, set up management objectives. Focus on the analysis of the business environment is: vigorously carry out market research, grasp market trends, characteristics and development trends, understand customer needs change, and grasp the national policy and the dessert management regulations and provisions, and on these survey data were carefully analyzed, and the conditions of the enterprise together, ultimately determine the management policy selection, management strategy, business planning and determine the flavor, dessert products purchase, production and marketing activities for the purpose of.

Set the target of

two, supervision and organization operation in parallel. Management objectives are established, based on the rational allocation of resources, mainly based on management objectives and tasks, step by step supervision, inspection staff at all levels of work, to ensure the completion of management objectives and planning tasks.

three, coordination of internal relations, to create an atmosphere of unity. The internal relationship of the dessert store management is very complex, often in the allocation of resources, tasks, personnel exchanges, work arrangements, benefits and other aspects of the conflict or friction. Only properly handle these relations, in order to make all levels of administrators and employees feel comfortable. The coordination of internal relations, to straighten out the dessert stores management system, clear authority and leadership at all levels of management affiliation, contradiction or conflicts in the management process, to adhere to the principle of gradual coordination to avoid leapfrog, command and coordination.

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