A comparison of the mainland passenger Huashan mountain in Taiwan Hongkong three

had set off in the mainland to Hong Kong Gold Rush, now this craze seems to come over, many of Hongkong’s youth hit off, see the excellent business environment, and future prospects for development, willing to the mainland to develop investment, entrepreneurial ambitions.

but in the business on this matter, it is universally acknowledged that the mainland hit off a better atmosphere. As for the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan a passenger who is more excellent, industry insiders said, Taiwan, Hongkong hit off a similar lack of mobile Internet thinking, and investors tend to industry and other traditional industries, the emerging mobile Internet Co is not high degree of concern, the mainland is not.

in the large number of coffee, Hong Kong and Taiwan compared to the mainland, a high degree of openness, education level is better, so Taiwan hit off more in quality as well as the practice of internationalization education, advantage.

The chairman of the board of directors of

however, in the view of travel by chief development officer Li Jianhua, a good environment is an important cause of the lack of entrepreneurial atmosphere in Hongkong.

on the local market

in a large coffee seems to lead to a delay in Hong Kong and Taiwan visitors recommend another important reason to fruition

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