College students to start a clothing store business boom

at the time of my father’s home if admitted to a college students will be very happy, because it means that college students will have a secure job for a lifetime worry about food and clothing, now university graduates have to find their own work, the times have changed, but more employment channels, can have their own business, a college student you start to open a clothing store and business is good today.

learn a year familiar with the apparel industry

Malone Gansu, the father is a businessman, each family was relatively well off, his father will go out to do business with Malone, that he had a business idea. 014 years in September, Malone into the Wuhan Institute of industry and Commerce preparatory classes, and served as a member of the study, through a year of systematic learning, he is the first class of good results in favor of this year in September to become a new financial professionals. From the start, the university does not spend a penny at home, he is to develop their own goals, and Qian Conghe? Malone immediately thought of the venture, but what to do? Malone’s junior high school classmates gave him inspiration.

"I have a junior high school students engaged in the apparel industry for 6 years, when I read preparatory to her advice in many industries, such as the purchase channels, how to choose the goods, and the young people now pay great attention to the image, great business opportunities, decided to open a 90 young fashion consumer the object of the clothing store."

14 in December, Malone first visit to Wuhan, Optics Valley, bustling downtown, universities gathered, large flow of people in Optics Valley, so he felt here is a feng shui treasure, determined to the clothing store stationed here. With this in mind, he began a week to Optics Valley each district location, pick the facade, on rent, and spent 3 months, shops have long admired 600 square meters of Malone to decide the next block.

in every possible way to raise funds

Lots of

after the deal, the high rents and let Malone committed. Although from the junior high school period, Malone began to save money, during the period has also done a lot of part-time, can still be a drop in the bucket for the shop.

this summer, he got a job in the excavator and truck driving home a battlefield, work out for 10 hours a day, earn fifteen thousand to two months. Plus a few years before saving, and the net worth is up to 140 thousand, but he knows that the money is not enough. In desperation, he took several years of small business has borrowed 330 thousand, "I heard you want to start, they are very supportive, not a penny of interest received a sum of money together to me, I was really touched." Malone said.

13 years in September 8th, Malone’s shop all the renovation is completed, the hometown of friends are specially came to Wuhan to celebrate for him, but their arrival at this time of the penniless and pleased to recommend the Malone

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