State Council, a number of policies to encourage entrepreneurship to support the development of publ


technology news June 16th morning news, the State Council to support public entrepreneurship initiatives introduced, "opinions of the State Council on promoting innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples several policy measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), to start from the business license to the intellectual property rights and are listed for the support of relevant policies; and support the banking innovation, encourage the development of the financing platform.

in the business license, comments pointed out that speeding up the implementation of the business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate of "three in one" and "one as a code", the implementation of the first photo card reform, promote full electronic registration and business license electronic applications. Support the combination of the actual relaxation of the conditions for the registration of new companies to register restrictions, to promote a multi site according to the registration system, such as the registration of cluster reform, entrepreneurship and innovation to provide convenient business registration services.

pointed out that in terms of intellectual property, intellectual property rights, improve the rapid and protection assistance mechanism, shorten the processing cycle, right infringement review. Focused on investigating a number of major cases of infringement of intellectual property rights, increase penalties for repeated infringement, malicious infringement, to explore the implementation of the system of punitive damages.

opinion also pointed out that the venture capital funds to increase financial support and co-ordination. Under the premise of ensuring fair competition, to encourage the creation of space and other incubators incubator office space, water, energy, network and other hardware and software facilities to give appropriate incentives to reduce the burden on entrepreneurs.

in the tax area, there are related concessions. Opinions pointed out that the implementation of preferential tax policies to support the development of small and micro enterprises. The implementation of scientific and technological enterprise incubator, University Science Park, research and development expenses deduction deduction, fixed assets accelerated depreciation and other preferential tax policies. To meet the requirements of the public space, such as the creation of a new incubator for science and technology business incubators preferential tax policy.

in accordance with the direction and requirements of tax reform, including angel investment, including investment in seed stage, start-up and other innovative activities, to co-ordinate research related tax support policies. We will revise and improve the measures for the recognition of new and high technology enterprises, and improve the tax credit policies for 70% of the taxable income. The implementation of tax policies to promote the employment of college graduates, disabled persons, retired soldiers, registered unemployed.

in addition, opinions to encourage companies to market, support qualified enterprises listed on the gem or the issuance of bills financing, and encourage start-ups to raise funds through the bond market. Actively study the profitability of the Internet and high-tech enterprises to the gem listing system to promote the establishment of strategic emerging industries board in Shanghai stock exchange.

also pointed out that innovative ways to support banks. Encourage banks to improve the level of financial services for entrepreneurial innovation enterprises, innovative organizational structure, management and financial products. Promote cooperation between banks and other financial institutions to strengthen the innovation and entrepreneurship activities targeted equity and debt financing support. Encourage banking financial institutions to provide settlement, financing, financial management, consulting and other one-stop enterprise system

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