For five years after – an entrepreneur’s monologue and ntrospection

introduction: before a cup of wine, talk about their smile. After a piece of sea, looking through the night alone.

sent off the last employee, the company began to leave Shenzhen tomorrow. The new year, looking at their home for the new year, and I have to pack my bags in the winter. These two days to deal with things in Shenzhen, but also to the Beijing company to solve some problems and then go to Changsha to draw a full stop. Perhaps this is a duty, others can not replace and understand the responsibilities of the founder, but it is your own choice, their own choice of road, kneeling on the go.

in the entrepreneurial circles in this arena, a lot of things, really is the fate of the general. Often, when you make a decision, everything is doomed.

chat and friends ridicule these years myself quite frustrating, always with the times, known as "toss generation": the last bus hurried to catch up with the United States listed, but the car did not just half a year to catch up with the 08 years of financial crisis, it is a tragic character, but anyway, the company avoided sinking boat pocket for security in a piece of news; wailing in low-cost acquisition of high-quality assets, buy buy buy catch times, but failed to successfully transition; and catch up with the shares from the NYSE privatization, thrilling escape; so to catch up with the "innovation and entrepreneurship" tide, in confidence when the financing business, singing all the way; just understand and burn subsidies O2O play, and hit the capital of winter, cold soul pin.


know, applause will be dispersed, flowers will wither, this is the law, but also the reality, but for me is changing too fast; the boss told me that no one in the past is not embarrassed, he slept in Guangzhou under the bridge, but obviously I haven’t prepare. Yes, but not abandon your capital at this time you are not the best, "Baizhang ice cliff" after "still pretty flowers" only, so the question is how to get through the winter.

people in front of a glass of wine, each say laugh. After a piece of sea, looking through the night alone.

world entrepreneurs have no money in common. No money to become rich, this is the driving force of entrepreneurship. Rich people have long been lying on the money to sleep. You are strongly against it, you must have it. So entrepreneurs in addition to the dream should not be taboo declared that in order to earn money, in order to wife and children family.

many of us, including myself, only to see the entrepreneurial aura, but underestimated the difficulty of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is not a bright applause of the moment, in contrast, is one of difficulties and hardships, road resistance and long struggle, it needs to invest a lot of manpower and material resources and time, to be completely ready to fail.

what do you want? Why do you want to leave? Do you want to go now or the future? If you choose the future, throw it all away. Through the business to make money is just a form, it is more important to change the way of living. In the initial stage, in addition to the beautiful dream, you will have nothing, you will lose money, lose face, lose time, lose health. It’s good to start a business, but it’s as you imagine

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