Xhenzhuang Shanghai ndustrial Park venture business class

with China’s efforts to increase entrepreneurial support, a variety of entrepreneurial groups can enjoy exclusive help services. Recently, the Xhenzhuang Industrial Park, Shanghai overseas high-level talents to return home to start business classes, strong guidance returnees returned overseas students.

in this workshop, the reporter saw a lot of people find everything fresh and new venture. These entrepreneurial projects, people focus on new materials science and technology, people focus on the Internet travel service, people pay attention to now quite popular smart health field, some people bring electric vehicles very frequency of the latest technology, there are new channels for people looking for agricultural products deep processing in refining and biological China sales.

this in boost co-founder under the concept "Xhenzhuang industrial zone as the initiative, a series of innovative initiatives is brewing. For example, by the venture successful enterprises funded the establishment of investment funds, funds to support start-ups is given; and relying on the Internet to establish information exchange platform will be integrated, enterprise size adhesion, upstream and downstream enterprises hold together, form a good ecological system.

It is reported that the organizers have set up

, "2015 WeChat group recommended a win-win situation"

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