n the field of traditional industries to seek the development of start-up companies should do

in the field of traditional industrial development companies should be how to do


to start startups, the choice of logistics and transportation industry, it is equivalent to choose a monster broad market.

this is the world’s oldest industry, the annual global value generated thus estimated at 9 trillion dollars. At the same time to create such a huge benefit, the freight industry also maintained an incredible low technology content.

Flexport is a hope will become more simple and efficient freight startups, now also achieved good results: since November 2013, the company income growth of 25%, the number of employees more than 100.

recently, we talked about in the field of traditional industries and the founder and CEO of Flexport Ryan Petersen, the start-up companies should be how to find a way out, to seek development and how will now software technology and traditional technology integration.

listed below are some of the insights of Ryan:


"I never thought I could set up the Flexport company, and I would be able to take a slice of the big 9 trillion industry. Just when I’m working in a small import and export company had an idea, I hope the daily work can get office help now, I know that the implementation of this idea would be difficult, but I also know that I have a solution, so I went to do."

gradually, I was more aware that not only small companies are facing such problems, large companies are also. So we do it slowly, to recommend our products to customers, to provide a complete range of business chain management solutions.

complex systems need to be constantly updated. If we start with a system of small or large companies from the very beginning, the company will not be able to develop this step. We adopted the minimum feasible product approach, starting from small businesses, slowly familiar with the market, until the formation of their own model.

choose the appetite of investors

many Silicon Valley investors are in the default state is to maximize the pursuit of interests. In real life, however, the profit margin is not as high as the data in the software. So Flexport want to choose their own investors rather than the net, because we know that Flexport is a software localization technology with solid experience in combining the company.

when our investors tell us that the profit is too low, we will tell him, "look at the thousands of capital flows". Many Vc firm have been accustomed to tens of thousands of dollars in income will have profit margins of 90%, and in the freight industry may only see 10% of the profits, but we are living in a large area of profit reached trillions of billions of dollars, so the profit node >

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