New media start-up performance of the new high secret

The word

together that many entrepreneurs are more than once to have seen or heard, the vocabulary of popular when collaborative development needs from below to improve the efficiency of the team and, as a personal webmaster from the transition to entrepreneurs, when faced with the team and customers, the efficiency of startups determines the company the life.

as a new media start-up company, from the beginning the business combination of tools to complete the product design to the management team, to maintain the sales and customer service, from product design to prototype Axure mail client Foxmail, from the gold data to the IMO cloud office, our aim is to improve the efficiency make the team more attention to products and services, but scattered tools did not play much role.

At present, WeChat launched

enterprise and Alibaba launched a nail, doomed to bring new subversion for the enterprise demand for small and medium enterprises, but the number is not much, this kind of high-end products also seems to be not what a big role, and exchange cooperation and project / task management, team management customer management needs, but there has been.

team collaboration is more than a matter of combing

as a creative team of new media company, most of the time we demand according to different customers from different specialty buddy composed of business group, special service, this time is usually in the form of a discussion group by QQ, after business discussion group disbanded, but a lot of drawbacks, not to be able to see the entire project communication details. The subsequent learning promotion and customer maintenance.

@Team (AtTeam) is the enterprise cloud service platform based on collaborative work, by providing a private network space exclusive and a new cooperation mode for each enterprise, help the enterprise to realize team cooperation and management of cross sectoral, cross regional, cross platform, convenient.


for different projects or clients can establish a special discussion group, it is convenient that we like start-ups, although many online articles have introduced how startups the survival and development of skills, but many are few or a small team of more than and 10 people, in fact, the core thing is how to improve the ability of each person with the team to continue to develop.

internal knowledge accumulation and sharing

@Team has a feature that we use love very much, that is through the platform of personnel recruitment and internal training, it is also a new way of rapid integration into the team, at the same time as the new media companies, often need to write, this brainstorming mode is suitable for the internal platform, there is no need. How to go to the meeting room for.


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