Pedicure shop want to create more revenue needs to do what work

since the shop, each investor will naturally want to create a higher profit income. However, to create a high income, naturally also need to take certain measures, so that the store will be more profitable. So, foot shop want to create more revenue need to do what work? Let Xiaobian for your secret.

, a technician of the recruitment, training, and comprehensive quality control, technology must be better than the general, to be honest, good point, good at communicating with customers, this point is the foundation, will let the foot store win in the "people", for a good technician can attract customers to repeat consumption, let loyal "fans", the accumulation of customer is very important.

two, the foot is not equivalent to the foot of the Blind Massage, customer demand for environment relative to the high point of leisure consumption has more foot than Blind Massage consumption, so in the layout of the environment should be clean and elegant rooms, not too small, will make people depressed. Air conditioning, cable TV and other hardware configuration must be configured. Box also 5 people, the 3 world, the pattern of the 2. Foot shop furnishings can not clutter. Because the improvement of the decoration is conducive to the improvement of service unit price. Conducive to the increase in the purchase of the crowd. And treat the consumer groups for the store’s turnover is the key to upgrade.

three, male and female ratio of technicians to note that not all male technicians, nor are all female technicians, male and female ratio to 1:1 in general, so men and women can be considered very good, do not underestimate the foot in the store, female customer consumer demand is also very important, modern women are the top half of the sky, have income, interpersonal exchanges, more health than male customers love. They will pay attention to technology, more inclined to male technicians for their services. Male customers, needless to say, most like female technician service. This is the psychology of customers.

four, the comprehensive skills of the technician to be comprehensive, which is helpful to improve the foot shop turnover. Pedicure, cupping, scraping, massage to get up is the best.

five, foot shop in the middle of the high-grade mature community is common, then the community marketing, a good neighborhood relationship is very important. Community marketing through the neighborhood, let them take the lead every major holiday for specific groups of people "free Pedicure activities", as an opportunity to publicize the benefits of foot function…… And so on, for the transfer of the reputation of the shop is very helpful.

six, foot shop can establish membership card, stored value card, store customers through a stored value to give appropriate incentives, the meaning is to lock the customer, cultivate loyal members. And the establishment of their communication, consumer preferences, such as tea, technician, technical requirements and so on, in order to provide high quality service.

seven, the local popular forum, the site to do more to promote, the real description of small foot

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