nnovation policy to build robots hundreds of robotics companies gathered in Beijing

Beijing as the capital of China, is not only the center of culture or the center of the economy, there are a lot of high technology in the fear here, the most famous than Beijing’s "Zhongguancun". The 2016 World Conference on robot before the official closing, and announced that the next general assembly will be held in Beijing economic and Technological Development Zone in September next year. During the 6 days of the general assembly, a total of 228 thousand people visited the Expo and the games. In unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, such as the ultimate flight challenge, a number of robot Olympic Games, the majority of colleges and universities in Beijing gains more awards.

tianzhihang, Kangli and blue, Bai Hui Wellcome Beijing robot enterprises with the latest research results have appeared as the representative of the robot, intelligent manufacturing results brisk, Beijing becoming a "created in Beijing" and "industrial transformation of Beijing made on behalf of the road.

Beijing gathered hundreds of robotics companies

"yoyo" is the world’s first detachable assembly of modular robots, robot enterprise by Beijing Kangli and blue development. "Our goal is to assemble robots in the future as easily as a computer." Kang excellent blue staff said.

in the industrial robot exhibition, Beijing enterprises, the largest domestic robot system integrators Yaskawa Shougang booth, a visual 3D handling robot is busy from a bunch of random stacking and irregular shape parts to pick master instruction parts. In the automatic sorting and packaging industry, such robots are gradually".

Yoyo behind

and 3D visual robot, "Beijing and Hebei" robot emerging innovations: Aerospace Science and industry 33, 502 Aerospace five developed intelligent inspection, emergency detection robot has small scale production; intelligent handling robot development technology developed in China’s mobile robot forefront; Department of orthopedics tianzhihang robot has been successfully applied in clinical surgery…… Up to now, Beijing has gathered hundreds of robotics companies, providing nearly half of the intelligent manufacturing enterprises supporting industrial robots.

robot is the crown of the manufacturing industry, is an important symbol of scientific and technological innovation and high-end manufacturing. Construction of national science and technology innovation center, Beijing must seize the opportunity to develop the robotics industry." City Commission by letter Zhang Boxu said.

excellent selection excellent boost high-end transformation

Beijing, industrial base and R & D advantages. With the development of high-end gathering is equally important in the application side, Beijing also has a vast space.

Beijing headquarters economic effect is very obvious, the focus of industrial clusters and automotive, electronic recommendation

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