The couple started the bookstore focused on cooking monthly income of million

now the whole social entrepreneurship, there are many couples entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship, common is the so-called two couples at the same time, there are a lot of social business for two couples together to do, we take a look at it.

bold vision:

open a "cooking bookstore" is certainly a good

2006 in January, Pang Hongyan took out 20 thousand yuan savings, the husband opened a small restaurant near the bookstore. Busy busy every day, but only two thousand yuan monthly profit. Six months later, Pang Hongyan some discouraged, want to transfer the restaurant out. Husband Li Jun suggested: "or the restaurant into a bookstore, right? I come to operate!" Pang Hongyan some tempted, but she carefully count, and found that the renovation is not worthwhile, and the bookstore to make money more slowly than the restaurant, the risk is greater.

in the customer’s suggestion, the bookstore owner took a lot of cooking books with CD, and sell more prosperous! Pang Hongyan and Li Jun have been inspired by the idea of a bold venture: since the CD is very popular with customers, it can not open a book to sell, but also to teach the characteristics of the restaurant customers cooking it? If you have a good cooking skills Pang Hongyan every day in the store to demonstrate cooking methods, must be very popular with customers!

clever marriage:

now the streets are filled with restaurants and fast-food restaurants, the traditional bookstore business is not optimistic, if we can combine the two to open a professional cooking books, more features and new ideas, perhaps cannot break a new world! So, from the end of 2006, she and her husband to collect all kinds of cooking books around.

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