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news the day before February 13th, 13, dark horse camp campers enterprise B2B business platform for China seafood fish announced that the company has completed 20 million yuan A round of financing, the current round of financing led by Fosun Group, really along with investment funds. February 2016, China mining also found that the fish has been obtained by the potential capital, the dark angel fund investment 4 million 500 thousand Angel round of financing.

dark horse camp 13 campers, China fish founder Zhang Fu told the I the dark horse, this round of financing will be mainly used for the expansion team, producing brokers, operators in order to expand the key technology background.

from the end of the food supply chain to the trading platform

mining to find fish was founded in November 2015, is based on the mobile side of frozen fresh products B2B trading platform. Its founder, Zhang Fu had had 14 years of frozen food sales management experience, but the current business model to find the Chinese fish is not the experience of the previous experience of Zhang yi.

at the beginning of the business, Zhang Fu hopes to start from the back end of the food and beverage industry supply chain. By the end of 2014 to set up in Dalian, China mining supply chain company, the model is similar to the United States, to build a bridge between the restaurant and its suppliers behind the information. The difference is that, the United States and food supply platform types include fruits and vegetables, meat, aquatic products and so on, many SKU, but China only provides aquatic frozen food supply chain, restaurant orders, the company orders to frozen food suppliers.

soon, Zhang Fufa is now the industry from the end up is not feasible. Seafood industry was in "seller’s market", and how much food price, even the supply are in the hands of a wholesaler in the hands of the downstream, get more orders is still subject to a wholesaler. More importantly, even if their own production goods channel can reach the origin, but the purchasing amount of origin items needed to reach the container shipping, the supply chain platform to provide services for catering businesses, is undoubtedly an astronomical figure.

but from this venture, Zhang Fu an experience, you want to get bargaining power must have the ability to supply. September 2015, Zhang Fu from the supply side to start, Argentina squid as a single entry, set up a platform for the acquisition of fishery origin, China to find fish, hoping to eventually improve the efficiency of the global fish.

from Argentina for the squid cut, Zhang Fu explained that different sources of supply and the stability of the steel market, futures marine fishing industry makes the attribute of the off-season and peak seasons. Fishing less time is a seller’s market, the amount of fishing, the buyer will desperately to keep the prices down, it also makes some kinds of pile up in excess of requirement, the need for the stockpile when the output of the supply, up for sale. This kind of both supply and demand is not stable, so that a large number of stocks there is a big risk.

"Argentina squid is one of the largest single products in the domestic ocean fishing, which is a common variety, it is suitable to be used as samples." Zhang Fu said.

origin broker is the core


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