White goose breeding Zhang Xiumin led the village and sisters of common prosperity

rural areas is a good place for the development of farming and aquaculture. In the development of new business policies to promote the development of science and technology ecological farming is an effective means to achieve wealth in rural areas.

A powerful opportunity

2014 town government to increase the goose industry development, to facilitate the farmers to sell the finished goods goose, signed a single form and macro Ximu industry limited company, unified scheduled Echu, unified prevention, free training and guidance to 8 yuan per kilogram minimum price recovery products such as Bao goose, the market price is higher than the reserve price, the company takes the market price recovery goose product. With such a convenient and favorable conditions, more determined to continue to expand the scale of Zhang Xiumin goose determination.

2015 from her 1000 white geese increased to more than 3 thousand this year, has expanded the scale of Zhang Xiumin to increase more pressure. Especially Echu feeding is more careful, feeding, drinking water, vaccination and most afraid of extrusion, to check on time of day and night, nearly half a month’s time, she and her husband shift guard, fear of accident, finally to Echu under grazing, the couple is a sigh of relief, every day the work is very hard, need to feed livestock, recommended

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