Li Zhen your new growth must go through the process.

              now the rapid development of the Internet, e-commerce is growing at an alarming rate, more and more people began to focus on the internet. 2011 is not the era of huge profits, which belongs to the era of huge profits the Wangzhuan is outdated, but there are still many projects must go through new wangzhuan.

              the most common way to make money online


              method of making money online too much, but the most common is still a few years ago the popular code hook, questionnaire, registration and so on temptation. On the Wangzhuan profiteering era, these projects have let people earn 500, earning one thousand, even earn over a million. With the continuous improvement of the Internet, some projects began to fade, and even die.

              image coding, hang up such projects, many people advise couples over don’t do this, these items are outdated and can’t make money. But really listen to into the hearts of the few, the couple is the temptation, see the "easily earn 100 days" and "zero based earn over a million" such temptation advertising her heart. Cheated a few new people, out of a group into a group, which is more than the benefits of Chinese people, not afraid to deceive people.

              Wangzhuan newcomers must grow up in practice

              Li Zhen believes that newcomers must Wangzhuan grow slowly in practice. I do have a code of friends advised me not to do, I can not make some money. But I still do, do know that really earn some money, 1000 yards in 4 dollars, I used two N talent time over 100 yards, when I feel dizzy.

              I saw a hook easily earn 100 ads, many netizens said is a lie. I did, did know that it really is a lie, hang up a day to earn a piece of money, enough to make electricity computer is so laggy.

              when I was a child, my parents often told me not to study well

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