Zhuhai SEO share with you, Baidu know the promotion practice experience

As everyone knows when we usually

, Baidu, in the front row are Baidu’s own products, such as Baidu know, Baidu encyclopedia, especially Baidu know, often in the first row, therefore, make good use of Baidu know can not only give us a website traffic, more important is the transformation the rate of increase, which compared to the keywords by optimizing the station first to reach Baidu much easier. But how to do Baidu know promotion will be more effective? The following on my period of time, Baidu know promotion work to make a summary, and we study together:

Baidu know promotion in general including the question and answer and answer a question.


is the first to ask questions, do a good job of asking questions is to do a good job of Baidu to promote the key step, Zhuhai SEO ah Cong personally believe that the best step to step this step, including the following aspects:

, keyword selection,

for the choice of keywords, before Zhuhai SEO ah Chung wrote several related articles, friends can read, such as "targeted" need to choose keywords, "industry website how to choose the best keywords", choose good keywords can make some keywords on your site to get through the Baidu know very well the rankings, so as to achieve a There is a way out. The state, so no matter what kind of product the customer search keywords you can find related products, it will enhance the brand awareness is very effective.

two, asking questions and questions, and paying attention to the user experience,

in our website optimization, user experience is very important, of course, do Baidu know promotion is the same, therefore, the additional questions and problems, we have to try to clear the problem, closer to the user, let you see the target customers feel real, credibility is high, the effect will be better at the same time, but also conducive to ranking. I will have to add questions and problems, and additional questions and problems will appear in my words, and I ask before I will search the keywords, look at the key words in Baidu know the content which in the front row, and then to study it, to see how to go beyond it, when asking questions, not words appeared several times, once is enough, but blunt words are not very good, it is best to form a sentence, so the effect will be better, because Baidu still pay more attention to the user experience.

three, questions, notes,

1, related issues not once Titus

is mainly in order not to cause the attention of Baidu, or to find, you will delete all relevant content, this work will have been wasted, not letter you IP, it would be a tragedy, so the dispersion time repeatedly asked the effect would be a good point.

2, an account can not just ask similar questions


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