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some time ago potatoes listed, I think this as long as people concerned about the news all know it, the current well-known video sites: Youku, cool 6 nets, Tudou have been listed. It can be said that the audience of video is very large. The use of video to do promotion, it can be said that the current more mainstream means of promotion.

The effect of

is also obvious. Of course, there are many ways to use video as a way of promotion. The cost is different, the effect is also different.

first affordable

you can register your accounts at major video sites. Of course, some video sites do not provide this port. But all three video sites can be registered. Then, upload the video before you upload it. Of course, the search engine is unable to identify the video, and this optimization is basically people know this truth.

then it’s time for you to write what you want to express. Of course, the requirements for different video sites are different. But the most important thing is that you have to write headlines, keywords, and descriptive words. This can be said to be the most important to promote. This kind of expense is your time cost.

second home display

everyone knows the exposure rate on the front page is very high. That’s not to say that you can always go to the home page of a video site, especially commercial video. But you have to pay for the advertising fee. So, how to pay for specific, you have to communicate with the specific person in charge. Of course, there are some, such as hot events, etc., do not have money will help you do promotion. Well, we usually have this kind of event.

third extension type

when you’re watching the video, there is a small advertisement at the beginning. This is mandatory embedding. Well, this ad exposure rate is very high, unless people do not watch the video, just watch the video, you will see your ad. People with a large budget may consider using this as an extension.

now uses a lot more, but also on several modes of promotion. Of course, the effect is money spent more, the effect is relatively better.

show son basically still adopt the first kind, economical type. This reason, I do not have to analyze more, we all know well.

show son or specific talk about how to use the first scheme to do video promotion.

first, register several more accounts, if you want more publicity. This can be said to be very simple.

secondly, if your video is limited, you can send multiple video sites on a video, and then the title and description should be modified. Well, as I said, Baidu doesn’t recognize video, but it can recognize text.

again, avoid a video, send a video account multiple times, using different keywords. You have to remember that Baidu can’t distinguish video from video, but…

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