Third ways of online advertising

      the domestic Internet industry ten years of ups and downs, Internet advertising has been around, because the Internet has innate media properties, also establishes the network advertisement in network economic profit model to explore the core status in the course of the. From Sina, Sohu and other traditional portal brand advertising network, to small and medium-sized enterprises such as Baidu and Google search engine keyword PPC advertising, Internet advertising has been a paradox, namely the brand advertising and the small and medium-sized enterprises cannot keyword PPC advertising can not achieve full communion, on the same stage.

      a new advertising model, which is called embedded web advertising, may provide a good solution. In China, the company is currently eyeing the business is said to have more than a dozen. However, the product has the true scale and maturity is a previously unknown, the company has received a number of pens from overseas VC investment risk, which owns dotting (clickeye), buckwheat net, Dilingling and many other online advertising products, but the most attention of the industry is called the ads dotting "embedded ad. The real-time analysis of web pages based on the technology of realizing automatic keyword marking, matching dotting text ads. This kind of advertising model because of breaking the portal brand advertising and small and medium-sized enterprise search engine keyword PPC advertising between the diaphragm, is likely to become the third kinds of Internet advertising new mode of shock.

      first of all, from the media point of view, focus (clickeye) advertising by NetEase, Tencent, TOM and other large portals and numerous cooperation vertical portals, virtually condensed out of a network of super media alliance, the alliance of "resources, browse the number and the audience is not any single portal match. Here, all the media in the network to provide a large number of composite media influence for dotting the vast amount of information and value generated by the influence of a large number of editors become the largest platform for Internet advertising decoration, which is attracting a large number of brand advertisers to provide may, according to the report, ahem, DHL, BMW, Ashley, snow many, Hainan Airlines and other traditional TV, Internet portal brand advertising companies have begun large-scale buy in the eye.

      secondly, from the advertising presentation, dotting the advertising operation while also keyword bidding, package word mode, but is presented in the form of passive search and search engine is different when the readers to browse the web, move the cursor to a specific keyword, will appear on the screen of text, pictures, and flash video, rich media has suspended advertising rich performance. Internet users can read the contents of the ads, you can also click on the ad into the advertising content contains links to the site. On the one hand, the diversification of the advertising presentation provides the possibility for the realization of the brand advertising in the precise marketing of the influential media, on the other hand

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