nternet business success (nine) refuse to cheat, correct advertising

in the process of building a new station, often because of lack of experience, made a lot of primary mistakes. Although these mistakes can also play a role in a short period of time, but often lead to the subsequent development of a lot of problems. In this chapter, we will introduce and analyze the mistakes that often occur in the building site, and explain the correct method of site building for reference.

one, take the doctrine of the station is not desirable,

two, the lost publicity website

three, compulsory promotion website is undesirable

four, cheat IP, harmful and unhelpful

five, running false advertising harm set

six, forced advertising unpopular

seven, "the thief program" no end of trouble for the future

More than

content details can be found in the article "Internet business success (nine): forced advertising is unpopular" read

eight, refused to cheat, correctly launched advertising,

most of the site’s profit way is through advertising revenue and advertising in the webmaster, but often there will be some violation of the rules of the phenomenon, this light will result in reduced advertising revenue, is not conducive to the principle of the maximum return, while some webmaster cheating in the way of advertising. Advertising account deleted will cause the consequences. Well, this time we’ll look at some of the common breaches of advertising rules and explain the possible consequences.

1. advertising violations minor mistakes caused great losses

bad habits: not knowing or intentionally violating the rules of the advertising union results in advertising being out of line.

easy to appear time period: the advertising period is urgently needed.

bad habits: it is likely to result in the deletion of the union account, resulting in the loss of all income.

case playback: Su Qi’s website has considerable traffic, so he thought of making a profit by clicking on advertising. After applying for the Google AdSense ad, it was immediately posted on the website. But after advertising, visitors click rate is very low, so advertising revenue is not high. When a friend gave him some advice, so he must put an advertisement in the lot, take up much space to improve the click, and the best and encouraged users click advertising words, the development of what "such as support, please click on the ads" click here to surprise "etc……. Susie in "serious" to listen to these ideas, and what you want to modify, CTR was greatly increased, advertising revenue has increased obviously. But when they were at the end of the month income, but received an official letter from Google AdSense, the title is "Google AdSense account > impressively

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